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What is MPI™ and how does it work?

MPI™ is an optimally designed supercharged Indexed Universal Life Insurance plan


Life Insurance

Traditionally, Life Insurance is about expecting the unexpected. Because Life Insurance is the foundation of MPI™, you have peace-of-mind knowing that the people and causes you care about have been provided for after you pass. Additionally, the MPI™ Strategy has a benefit called “Living Benefits.”  This feature allows for early advancement on your life insurance part of the plan for chronic, critical, or terminal illness.


Tax Advantages

Internal Revenue Code §7702(a) defines the taxability of money inside life insurance. As Ted Benna uncovered the benefits of IRS code §401(k), we believe that 7702(a) actually provides even better tax advantages for long-term wealth accumulation and legacy planning. MPI™ is a post-tax system, meaning funding comes from money after you’ve paid taxes – just like a Roth IRA. The MPI™ design provides a source of tax-free retirement income, does not expose you to capital gains tax on distributions, and proceeds are tax-free to your beneficiaries. At present, this is the most tax-efficient vehicle we have found.


Max Funded

MPI™ is a max-funded life insurance plan. Per §7702(a), there is a limit of cash contributions relative to the amount of life insurance purchased. This limit is called the MEC Limit (Modified Endowment Contract). The MEC limit is the lowest amount of death benefit within life insurance required per dollar saved in order to maintain the tax advantages of 7702(a). MPI™ plans are designed at the MEC Limit, or lowest amount of insurance required in order to manage the cost, putting more of your money towards your retirement nest-egg.


Legal Protection

As a life insurance policy, MPI™ has some of the most rigorous legal protections against creditors, liens, and lawsuits when compared with traditional retirement vehicles, which varies by state. This is another layer of protection to prevent the unforeseeable.


No Restrictions

The MPI™ Strategy has no restrictions on retirement age.  Inside the MPI™ system, anyone can start at any time, and when they achieve their goals, can retire at any age.  There is no 59 ½ age restriction or early accessibility penalty like a 401(k)/IRA.



The Cornerstone of MPI™ is security because protecting your money is essential to achieving Exponential Growth. We do this with the 0% Floor Guarantee. The 0% Floor is a contractual guarantee by an A-rated insurance carrier that you will not have a negative return when the stock or real estate market loses value. This security protects Exponential Growth from becoming Exponential Decay (loss).


Compound Interest

Not only does MPI™ offer a 0% floor when the S&P 500 is negative, MPI™ has the potential to deliver returns that match the S&P 500 up to around 12%. By way of example, if the S&P 500  has a return of -40% like 2008, the MPI™ account would have a return of zero, or break-even. If the S&P 500 was up 20%, the MPI™ system will be credited the maximum, around 12%. Using historical returns over the last 30 years and applying this crediting method of 0% for negative years, a maximum of about 12% (mirroring returns in the S&P 500), the average return is around 7.5%. You’ve eliminated the strike-outs (negative rate of return) by capping the top return to about 12%.


Secure Leverage

Secure Leverage sets MPI™ apart from all other financial strategies. This patent-pending algorithm automates leverage as efficiently and securely as possible. Leveraging is using other available resources and money to grow compound interest more rapidly. In the MPI™ system, this feature is called the “index loan” or leverage feature and was designed / developed for the first time in 2017. It allows the policyholder to leverage money from the Life Insurance company at a low lifetime fixed competitive rate of 4-6%.  “Safety” comes specifically from the fixed rate AND the 0% floor; prior to MPI™, Secure Leverage did not exist.


By increasing your contributions with leveraged money at a rate of 4-6% and earning an average 7.5%, the MPI™ system creates internal positive arbitrage (interest earned vs. interest paid [7.5%-4%=3.5%]). It’s the same concept as real-estate in that you get to keep the appreciation and only need to pay the lender the interest.

By achieving positive arbitrage on leveraged money plus the standard gains, the MPI™ system magnifies the Exponential Growth equation.

The interest earned through leverage also provides additional security against increases in costs of the life insurance or long periods of down markets.

Through Secure Leverage, MPI™ generates up to 16% income in retirement. Although it starts off conservatively at around 7.5% growth, with the additional returns through arbitrage, the rate-of-return can accelerate. Because of the 0% Floor feature, the strategy does not need to slow down to more conservative investments in retirement like a traditional portfolio, limiting the gains and deferring to the 4% rule-of-thumb.

The MPI™ system is unique in its priorities: security first, alongside a moderate rate-of-return, and then maximizing results through efficient and secure leverage. Following the MPI™ priorities with Einstein as our guide, it will generate up to 4 times more retirement income than a classic financial strategy. Slow, steady, simple, and secure that maximizes each element of y=a(1+r) x is the success behind the MPI™ system. In our back-testing of MPI™ using historical S&P 500 returns since 1930, MPI™ produced superior results compared to classic stock return and dividend producing strategies.


MPI™ is a science. If you understand the simple Rules that govern Exponential Growth and how it pertains to retirement, the path becomes clear and simple to achieve. MPI™ is the first system to successfully achieve all 5 components of Einstein’s Wealth Equation. Y= a (1+r)x is the blue print in achieving what Einstein called the greatest discovery of all time and the most powerful force in the Universe. MPI™ puts a focus on maximizing the efficiency of these 5 components. When all 5 work in unison, financial freedom is accomplished.

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So how did MPI™ achieve it?

  • (a) - Pay Yourself First
  • (1) - Start Today
  • (+) - Protect Your Money
  • (r) - Compound Interest
  • (x) - Secure Leverage

Pay Yourself First

We contribute post-tax dollars to the MPI™ Plan.

Start Today

We make the decision to start our wealth equation immediately.

Protect Your Money

The MPI™ system has the 0% Floor which protects your money from risk/loss.  Without this feature, MPI™ would not work.

Compound Interest

The MPI™ System is in an S&P 500 crediting system achieving compounding interest annual returns of 0-12% (estimated) or a historical average return of around 7.5% annually.

Secure Leverage

Through the secure leverage feature found in MPI™, we can leverage the insurance company’s money and through the MPI™ algorithm, use the leveraged money as optimal, efficient, and secure as possible.  The additional returns on the leveraged money accelerate the growth potential while providing additional security to the plan.

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