About Us

About Us

Think Exponential.

Welcome to SunCor Financial.

We help clients embrace and live by the Five Rules of Wealth to realize the freedom that comes from knowing their financial future is secured. Using our proprietary financial system, MPI™(Maximum Premium Indexing), we offer you personalized strategies to maximize your future spendable income, achieve the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of and provide you with true financial freedom.

How Does SunCor Financial Serve You?

You shouldn’t have to check a stock ticker every five minutes or stress when the next real estate crisis will wipe out half of your wealth overnight. There’s more to life than constantly worrying about your money, chasing “home run” investments that strike out more often than not. At Suncor Financial, you’ll find agents who know how to securely optimize your assets and get you on track to Exponential Growth. Here is what you can expect from your MPI™ specialists:

  • A financial plan tailored to your needs. What is your ‘why’? Are you looking to secure your dream retirement, plan your ultimate vacation, leave an enduring legacy, or plan for the kids’ college? SunCor Financial is here to customize a plan that exceeds your expectations by introducing you to all that is possible with Exponential Growth.
  • Annual update to your plan. Your plan is about YOU. At SunCor, we know your life is constantly evolving, and believe that your plan serves you best when it can evolve with you. We’ll connect with you annually to review your situation and ensure your plan is still tracking in line with your ‘why’.
  • At-your-service Support. When you have a question, concern, or thought you’d like to discuss, we are available. By phone, email, or appointment, we’re available to make sure your ‘why’ is always reflected in the plan we’ve created together. There should never be a doubt about how you are going to achieve your dreams.
  • Financial Education. The financial world can be complicated and much of the conventional wisdom around Retirement Planning is anything but wise. Our agents will simplify and clarify these concepts so when the next “shiny coin” investment promising “home runs” tries to distract you from Exponential Growth, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge that slow, steady, simple, and secure wins in the end!

The Challenges We Face

   1 in 3 Americans have no retirement savings
•    25% of working Americans have less than one year’s income saved for retirement
•    Women are 27% more likely to have no retirement savings
•    99% of retirees are forced to downsize
•    20% of Americans will never retire
•    Social Security is estimated to become exhausted in 2034
•    The average annual retirement income is $32,000, including Social Security
•    40% of retirees live in poverty, relying entirely on Social Security
•    A couple will spend an average of $245,000 on healthcare throughout retirement
•    The 4% withdrawal rate of traditional retirement plans fails to meet retirement income needs

Everyone Ends Up Poor

Maximum Premium Indexing – The Birth of MPI™

Learn how Curtis Ray discovered why financial planning is all backwards and how to fix it. Through his real-life journey of success, crisis and loss, Curtis identified the 5 Rules of Wealth and has made it his mission to share them with the world.


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